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Effective 7th January2012

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1124.3743 7Gadgets
862.3198 AfroJacks
856.2962 Amazing Illusions
8.2329 Ancient Digger
721.2951 BaraSkit
0.1981 BBspot
1266.3758 Crooked Brains
1129.3246 Droll Things
9.1935 Free Flash Games
9.2248 Friends Revolution
7.3419 Gifbin
582.2970 iBored.Com
0.1642 Joanne Casey
1082.3339 Lazylaces
883.2783 Linkognito
1062.3032 Mental Floss
1033.2941 Miss Cellania
0.1411 N 2 da Vinci and Beyond
756.5959 Neatorama
709.3261 New Optical Illusions
888.3282 Oddee
0.1352 Official Stickman
452.2198 PC News
0.1227 Play Bass
1083.3528 Reality Carnival
511.2369 Reuben Miller
1213.3145 Say No To Crack
0.2474 Second Glance Book Reviews Presents
0.2080 Social Networking Findthebest
10.1814 Spluch
13.1940 Super Tight Stuff
620.2557 The Interesting Pile
281.2154 The Letter
937.2824 The Presurfer
1030.2970 The Warehouse
783.2595 Ultimate Exposure
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