A daily compendium of cool links on art, funny stuff, some games and videos, which we find quite entertaining. 

How DT came to be

Dump Trumpet was created by `M0le` on the 8th September 2006, created using Moonfruit. Members would send via email their links to be included and M0le would manually insert these every day by moving fields around to make way for the new links, which was very time consuming. Then the site took on a new lease of life after being redesigned and recoded in August 2007 to include a members area where links could be instantly add to the site via a custom add links form. DT started to make a name for itself with many regular members contributing every day. Over the next few years DT had well over 100 regular members adding their links, then in December 2011, due to many advances in browser applications, DT was completely recoded again to allow it to be used on all plateforms that have internet access.