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The Deadliest and Most Horrible Diseases That Shock the World

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Posted by: lannaxe96
Source: Chan Lee Peng

Hi, everyone.

I just thought I should explain my apparent disappearance from this site. My two year old son Alex has developed autistic spectrum disorder and this limited my time completely.

I will continue to submit links as and when I can and I thank all those submitters who have kept the links going. DT is very much about the people who click the link to the site and the links on the site.

Thanks for your understanding.


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Guy pushes girl down a hill in a shopping cart and it doesn't end

Views: 875
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow
Source: BoFunk

Great collection of some of the best wallpapers on the web. Check
them out!

Views: 1,168
Posted by: xcar27

Beautiful close up pictures of water droplets

Views: 977
Posted by: xcar27

13 lazy solutions to common problems. Obviously someone couldn't be
bothered to do it properly.

Views: 952
Posted by: xcar27

Theo Jansen, a kinetic sculptor. He builds walking machines out of
plastic tubing and empty water bottles. They look amazing!

Views: 914
Posted by: xcar27

10 coolest places to go for a swim. Awesome list.

Views: 1,126
Posted by: xcar27

stupidest criminals of all time -- watch the video

Views: 854
Posted by: xcar27

Imaginative and Innovative Photography Websites

Views: 975
Posted by: lannaxe96

Little Orphan Baby Raccoon Picture

Views: 829
Posted by: lannaxe96
Source: Bren Parks

Crazy looking Mega Crab

Views: 1,912
Posted by: lannaxe96

Easy Apple Dessert Recipes

Views: 803
Posted by: lannaxe96

Bizarre Species

Views: 846
Posted by: lannaxe96

Celebrities who look like Frankenstein!

Views: 998
Posted by: gingerman13


Just passing along a link to a video of clay-like characters on top
of laptops doing some cartoon type stuff. I thought is was REALLY

Views: 1,175
Posted by: StacyHoffman

She looks great in the bikini... until she tries to pull off the

Views: 1,345
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

Ozzy Osbourne gets freaked out by "Samsung voodoo".

Views: 765
Posted by: StacyHoffman

Proof that it's never a bad thing to wear underpants at all times.

Views: 826
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

This guy paints portraits of people, some famous some not on
potatoes. Kinda creepy to me...

Views: 858
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow
Source: Ginou Choueiri's (The Artist) Website

Not really whacked, more like gently nudged...

Views: 835
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

Today I Die - short puzzler which starts off as completely confusing but as you piece it together actually works really well. Enjoy

Views: 933

Spamghetto - Wall designs made from spam text. No thanks, I'll stick with a couple of tins of Dulux, cheers

Views: 886

Snap Capps - Make a can into a bottle. Er, why?

Views: 1,453

WalkRight - Annoying game. I am so stoopid!

Views: 1,060

Worldometers - Website stats-a-go-go!!

Views: 814

Goths In Hot Weather - Ridiculing the Goth when the weather just don't suit thick, black clothing

Views: 856

Tech-toilets are not a new thing to us and we have seen a plenty ofthem. The technology that's packed into toilet seats these days willmake your head spin. Check out the Top 10 of them.

Views: 1,008

No, Billy can't fly. But he can smack his head really hard to
cheesy music and multiple slo-mo replay!

Views: 794
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

Minim - A molecular puzzle game. Combine connected atoms with the
same number until there is only one atom left.

Views: 865
Posted by: puppetmaster

Bizarre Foods From Around the World

Views: 795
Posted by: lannaxe96

Vacations That are Still Affordable Even in a Recession

Views: 1,247
Posted by: lannaxe96

Cool documentary style commercial for the upcoming wii boxing

Views: 795
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

A man brings books to children in columbia via donkey.

Views: 791
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

Ridiculously Fantastic and Fun Water Slides

Views: 2,168
Posted by: lannaxe96

Awkward Boners - Embarrassing (but funny) photos of gentlemen in an excited state

Views: 1,050

Infinite Photograph - Natural world photo-mosaic. Very eye-catching

Views: 937

Have you ever wished that amazing works of art or a wildlife safari were within arms reach of you? Well it's possible, almost literally, in the hands of Guido Daniele.

Views: 839
Source: Quazen

The answer to the burning question we ALL want to know. Who would
win in a fight between Big Bird and Barney. You'll only find it

Views: 835
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

Google Swine Flu Tracker - I hear outer Mongolia is nice this time of year...

Views: 808

For some reason this guy thought the stuffed giraffe deserved a
beatdown while he listened to his favorite song about daytime love

Views: 808
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow
Source: Bofunk.com

Worst cookbooks of all time, Top 10 List

Views: 860
Posted by: gingerman13
Source: The Shark Guys

Chinese acrobat does several trick while on his head.

Views: 799
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

I don't believe in Hell but if I did I would says the two guys in
this commercial were well on their way there for doing this.

Views: 831
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

Creative Automotive Photo Advertising by Tim Kent

Views: 1,053
Posted by: phogph
Source: Photography Blog

Gymnast practice routine goes really bad and has the head wound to
show for it. It would have been way worse had he not been tethered.

Views: 847
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

Unbelievable video of a red fox hunting mice two feet under a snow
drift. Beautiful natural documentary footage.

Views: 808
Posted by: xcar27

This is either the most haneous local commercial ever made or the
smartest viral campaign ever done by a small business... You be the

Views: 708
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

"Seriously dudes there's no way this could go wrong. I see those
fire breather guys on TV & movies and it looks like it's totally
easy to do"...

Views: 735
Posted by: tellmesomethingidontknow

How Long Could You Last On A Gay Pirate Ship? - Now that's a proper quiz, aaargh!

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