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In our latest Guess That Ass series, we have featured a stunning
Brazilian woman who has seemed to gain quite a reputation over the
years for her spectacular ass. While she is not so well known in the
US, this beauty has definitely made a name for herself in many South
American and European countries. Try to guess that ass before the
final picture.

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Posted by: rzoellick
Source: Men's Entertainment Website

You'll like this one!! ;-)

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Social Networking sites are becoming more relevant in people's daily lives as means to communicating on a broader scale.  These websites allow people to post pictures, videos, images, thoughts, and classifieds with a few clicks of a mouse.   As these websites continue to evolve and integrate into our daily lives we decided to illustrate the underlying purpose that each of these websites represents, in a humorous matter.

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Posted by: rzoellick
Source: Muff Salp

The historian Edward Gibbon believed that Christianity bore the
ultimate responsibility for the fall of the Roman Empire. However,
during the third century, the Romans were well on their way to
destroying themselves.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

This is my review of the essay Rental Car. Rental Car came from a
culmination of essays from a book called Stun Set On Phasers. The
back drop of this essay is an aviator from WWII in Pearl Harbor with
an incredible message on punctuality and equipment training.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

As part of a recent sociology study at Washington State University,
we were required to write our ficticious obituaries and research
future funeral costs and options available. What would our history
say about us and how many generations would we out live?

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Posted by: cstonecipher

CCCPirates - Fire your cannonball and try to knock all the treasure
chests in the physics world in the water.

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Posted by: puppetmaster

Falcon Heene -- a.k.a. Balloon Boy -- is featured in another one of
his father's twisted attempts at self-gratification: A homemade
"rap" video.

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Posted by: busted_cranium

The evolution of Urban Legends is due to a gross misunderstanding of
the stories of folklore. The legends have circulated through the
internet, via word of mouth, and at parties while people are
severely under the influence or just need a conversation piece to
feel more comfortable.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

10 Extraordinary Creations Made of Money

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Posted by: Boydster

There is plenty of outdoor adventure in the State of Washington.
Bring your camera the next time you visit my neck of the woods!

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Posted by: cstonecipher

Britons message while on the loo

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Posted by: JaSoN

Baby survives train toilet plunge

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Posted by: JaSoN

Man grows new skull after 50 years

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Posted by: JaSoN

Cyberkill Flash Game

Get into the control room in time to stop evil Dorian's plans to
wipe out the human race.

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Posted by: motionmonkey
Source: The Motion Monkey Games

pals borrowed 5 trillion to see them over a little "rough patch" their having.

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Posted by: JaSoN

Although abundantly dressed in hundreds of Gothic like blocks and
layered with century old figures, this historical site does not fall
short of mystery and intrigue. For centuries, history has unraveled
on the grounds of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague where
historians, philosophers, scientists, and scholars.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Top 10: Date Movies I would have put 'About a boy' second, myself. Agree 'Hitch' was the best.

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Posted by: JaSoN

Happy 11th Birthday, Google. Nice Logo!

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Posted by: JaSoN

In 2007, renewable green power energy has come to the forefront in
Pacific Northwest. Researchers are attempting to develop alternative
sources to conventional energy. Most recent studies are focused on
wind and underwater turbines including buoys and tidal power. All of
these sources come with pros and cons.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

The Epic Battle of Dinosaurs vs. Robots in Escape Artist's Prints

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Posted by: Boydster

Bus Slams Into Illegally Parked Porsche.
now shown in 'The Sun' newspaper.

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Posted by: JaSoN

Every fighter -- whether in boxing, MMA or two simpleminded
knuckleheads squabbling over some skank at the corner bar -- has
been caught in that place where reality and Wonderland meld to turn
what was once a human face into a folded and creased amalgamation.
It's inevitable, and hopefully when it happens there's someone there
to record the moment.

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Posted by: busted_cranium

Unbelievable Carvings and Sculptures Out of Cheese

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Queen Sued by Royal Servants

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Posted by: JaSoN

If You Printed the Entire Internet ...

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Posted by: Boydster

The immense size and mesmerising beauty of the universe has
captivated imaginations for centuries. Some look up and try to
fathom their place in the unfolding galaxy above, while many study
the skies in the pursuit of knowledge and others still, beguiled by
such a rich cosmic tapestry, use ink to create stunning, realistic
visual representations of space.

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Posted by: Boydster

For every Forrest Gump, Paul Edgecomb or The Dude -- characters we
can actually root for -- there is that one persona that for, all
intents and purposes, serves as nothing more than a stark reminder
that our lives are much better off without people like them in it.

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Posted by: busted_cranium

Luxurious Castle and Fortification Hotels

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Posted by: lannaxe96

San Diego Sheriffs arrested San Diego Chargers linebacker Shawne
Merriman on suspicion of supposedly choking and possibly kidnapping
his girlfriend Tila Tequila.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Evolution in the animal kingdom have caused species to partake in an
armed race, which ultimately causes their adaptive traits to change
over time within their gene pool. This trait may have been caused as
a side affect of another adaptive mechanism or the dominate trait
took over the adapted to protect the animal.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

The most amazing toy ever. I dare you not to watch the whole video.

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Posted by: fatcatslim1138

The Templars erected many buildings in the west including
preceptories, churches, and granges for administration purposes.
They were simplistic and utilitarian in form, with of course a few
exceptions. There was no dictated form of Templar church architecture.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Billions of years ago, our earliest ancestors established themselves
on planet earth. The earth that we see today is filled with
fossilized organisms that prove, without a doubt, that life has
continued to evolve and change with each planetary formation.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

10 Stunning (& Really Old) Japanese Woodblock Prints

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Posted by: Boydster

"Cheeseburger Porn Ooh baby, look at that relish! Via"

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Everlasting Blort

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Rat Cake Cool decoration. Via

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Call In Sick - Help for the skivers among us, just call these guys in and they do the dirty work for you

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Things In Rubbers - Things in condoms (I don't know why)

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Niles Ironing Frasier at its farcical best

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Information Junk

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

And Again With More Detail

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Posted by: Jordan

20 Questions - Excellent learning programme which is difficult to beat

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Sound Sleeping - Mix background noises like rain and songbirds together to aid sleep or just to make a wicked chill-out groove

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Posted by: Hot News 4 U

Whatever Happened To - Now this site is wonderful if that pub conversation takes that familiar path

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Posted by: Jordan

In 1957 rural Wisconsin, the press was plastering the nightly newswith stories of the boogieman. A psychologically flawed individualwas practicing cannibalism and robbing bodies from local cemeteries.On one occasion, as noted by one of his neighbors, he shared freshvenison he had shot and killed the day before. Although, much totheir surprise, it wasn't venison at all.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Caesar believed that the Celtic Druid's of the Otherworld preachedimmortality of the soul, and that would allow them to be fiercewarriors. However, many believe that their souls migrate todifferent vessels, allowing them to live for centuries.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

The Washing machine that uses just a cup of water !

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Posted by: JaSoN
Source: nicefun.net

Building Blaster - Set your explosive charges in the right spots
with the right timings to take down buildings.

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Posted by: puppetmaster

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