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Ever wonder what Muslims believe about Jesus? Find out in this

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Try making kabobs the Moroccan way with this simple recipe- you
can use mutton, lamb, chicken, beef or turkey.

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Have a wonderful wedding without spending a fortune feeding people
you hardly know! Make the day about the bride and groon with
these ideas for making it special.

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Making a well packed hospital bag ahead of time, can really make
your days easygoing and relaxed in the hospital. On the other hand
preparing you bag at the last moment, can only lead to
frustrations. You will be simply calling people to get what you
need, which invariably will be the wrong thing, when it actually

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Eric Whitacre: Uniting the Internet Through a Virtual Choir.

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There aren't enough words to describe how amazingly talented Trey
Radcliff is. Not only does he produce some of the most spectacular
shots I've ever seen, but he happens to be a gifted artist. He's
been called a a "Pioneer of HDR photography" by Chris Anderson from
TED and he's won several awards including the First HDR Photograph
to hang in the Smithsonian.

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Tips and tricks for cooking for one person without eating the same
dish for a week.

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The Cro Magnon people left no written records about themselves,
however they replaced the Neanderthals over 30,000 years ago. So
what do we know about this prehistoric forerunner to the Homo- sapiens?

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Microsoft comes to terms as Mexican billionaire takes over Bill Gates' position.

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Posted by: JaSoN

The British 20 notes are know longer legal tender

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Plane passenger eats scratch card !!

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In a recent Religion class, I was asked to take a quiz on the siteBelief.net. The idea was to compare and contrast one of the top fiveand one of the bottom five religions assigned to me by the quiz. Tobe quite honest, I was a bit surprised at the results. I wasn'texpecting my religious beliefs to be packaged up in one perfectlittle box, however this site claims to do it with only 20 questions.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Frederick II, Catherine the Great, and Joseph II all considered
themselves disciples of the Enlightenment and expressed interest in
reforms based on the philosophes ideals. However, none of the
reforms stemmed from enlightened principles, as all three rulers
were driven in the direction of absolute power for their states.

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Tucume: The Adobe Pyramids Predating the Incas

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As Humanism was evolving during the Middle Ages, so were the women
of the elite. In the past, women were expected to assume their roles
as mothers, daughters, and wives, however during the 14th and 15th
centuries; a secular movement was allowing some of the privileged
women to learn reading and classical and Christian texts.

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Beautiful photos by Wingate Paine! Discretion advised due to some
minor nudity.

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Many of us know someone that is affected by Alzhiemer's Disease. Not only is it difficult for the person afflicted with the disease, but it has a dramatic affect on family members as well. According to Ruby Hawk, "Everyone should be interested in how to lower your odds of Alzheimer's and dementia. It is the most dreaded disease of the aging population. Researchers have found there are ways to decrease your odds. But to get the best preventive results you must start taking these steps in your forties. Although it wouldn't hurt a thing to start earlier and might be even better."

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Many people struggle with obesity but one sixteen year old young
man discovered what has worked for him in his weight loss battle.
His name is Christopher Figueroa (pen name Voice of Silence). He
started with modest changes such as drinking water, walking and
changing the way he cooks. I believe one of the keys to his recent
success is that he is ready and motivated to change his life. This
young man is on the way to losing weight as much as 175 pounds. He
is an amazing young man who is motivated for changing his life and
I am sure he will be an excellent role model for not only kids his
age struggling with weight but also adults too.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

Personally, I haven't had a glass of tang in ages, however I
really thought it wasn't available to the masses anymore. I
remember years ago my mom and I would use Tang at my birthday
parties, mixed with Sprite of course for that special punch.
However, I really had no idea that there was health benefits to
consuming Tang. Kristie Leong MD discusses the pros and cons about
drinking this popular beverage.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

Release the Little Furry Things down one of eight tubes to match
three in a row.

Arrows (including combinations of for diagonals) to select tube.
Z to Release.

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Posted by: motionmonkey

The Great Kings of Persia and the Unstoppable Persian Empire.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Guy gets arrested on American Idol
Wait for it, Simon Cowell's best word so far.
(He thought about it for a while before saying it!!)

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Posted by: JaSoN

Welcome to the future: the mobile phone that runs on Coca-Cola

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The Bones Chapel in Evora Portugal.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Switzerland's geography has made a substantial impact on the countryas a whole; however the only way to understand those changes is todissect the history of Switzerland's economic and geographicterrain. The landscapes of the country have gone throughconsiderable change throughout history, and with those changes camereform.

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Along the Magdalena River in Columbia, there lies a seemingly
innocent, yet mysterious collection of Pre-Columbian statues.

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When designing a treatment or prevention plan, singling out
treatment and prevention efforts to the individual is virtually
ineffective due to the multiple issues that is entangled with
substance abuse. Without taping into unresolved issues, treating
only the substance abuser still leaves room for sparks to fuel the
cycle of abuse (Fischer & Lyness, 2005). Fischer and Lyness (2005)
further emphasize this statement by stating, "Helping parents to
manage a behaviorally dis-inhibited child effectively may interrupt
the negative sequence of events from childhood to young adulthood.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

Skold (161) claims at the height "of the training program, agovernment agent, Augusta Clawson, enrolled in the Swan Islandwelding school to discover ways of improving training and reducingturnover, especially among women. At her suggestion, an orientationprogram for the newly hired was started, which included a specialsession for women workers conducted by the women's counselingdepartment. A few months later, the turnover rate for womenproduction workers dropped to just slightly above that of men. Thetraining program, coupled with the breakdown of crafts intocomponent parts, made it easy for women and other inexperiencedworkers to enter shipbuilding

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Most of us associate Cancun, Mexico with Spring Break, and really,this location has so much more to offer than tequila slammers andskimpy bikini's. Cancun is also a popular tourist destination forfamilies or couples looking for an eco-friendly and archaeologicalsite that will stimulate the mind and not empty your wallet.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Arcaderush.net offer the very best online games, we list the top
games in categories like Action, cars, Puzzle, Ben 10 and more. Tons
of flash games to play for free online, no registration needed. Enjoy!

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Posted by: roniben

World War II had a major impact on technology and shaping of the
Pacific Northwest. Schwantes (409) states "Even before the United
States formally declared war on the Axis nations of Japan, Germany,
and Italy in 1941, the Pacific Northwest experienced the impact of
increased production for defense and aid to friendly nations already
at war. The surprised Attack at Pearl Harbor rapidly accelerated
that trend. Industries large and small produced ships, barges,
aircraft, lumber and various kinds of wood products, metal, food,
machinery, clothing, munitions and armaments.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

This little bird is definitely not afraid. I stood only about 4ft
from him when taking this photo and he did not move! Nerves of steel
I guess.

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Every guy makes the occasional trip to the restroom. While you are
taking care of business there is a good chance that one of these guys
is standing next to you!

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Source: Men's Entertainment Website

With your holiday party just around the corner do your office home
work because this is one of those rare company occasions that a fellow
employee could get drunk and make a bad decision. Here are 7 potential

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Source: Men's Entertainment Website

A great beer Christmas tree picture gallery featuring homemade beer
bottle and beer can Christmas trees.

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Work Wars Flash Game

Sneak around the office and throw stuff at your boss without getting

Arrows to move
A - Throw
S - Crawl
1,2,3 - Select Weapon

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Plans to have Linux installed on mobile phones next year.

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Christmas in Europe is a unique and distinctive holiday where people
from all cultures share a diverse, yet paralleled enjoyment for
legend, food, and spirit.

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Tips, Advice, and Truth About How to Make Money Online with Blogger
and Increase Traffic

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'Jetman' Rescued After Ditching Into The Sea

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Inspirations In Ice - Gorgeous colour-lit mini-ice sculptures

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There is just something about a hot woman in a cowboy hat and cowboy boots that turns on any man. I'm not sure exactly what it is about the cowgirl look that's so appealing, but it definitely works. Here we have an extensive gallery featuring over 200 pictures of sexy cowgirls doing their thing. Enjoy!

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Source: Men's Entertainment and Humor Blog

Evidence Of Everything Exploding - Jason Nelson returns with more baffling gameplay. Not to mention his baffling description : "Using documents, both historical and little-known from NASA, J-Joyce, Dadaism, N-Gaiman, F-Castro, the Pizza Box Patent and many others, the game explores those strange moments where history turns or doesn't, where unusual forces collide to create or topple storylines, possible futures." That clears that up then

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Here, a girl consumes pages from a phone book for scientific
purposes. Very strange...

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USB Tranformer Drive !

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According to Gelles and Cavanaugh (2005):
"Until the early 1960's, violence between family members was
believed to be rare and committed only by the mentally ill or by
disturbed and defective individuals. Only the most sensational and
lurid cases of family violence received public attention, and, in
general, although family violence was considered a significant
personal problem, it was not believed to be widespread, nor was it
viewed as a significant social problem" (p.129).
After extensive research, it appears that the wide variation of
what constitutes abuse and neglect has led to disagreements of the
frequencies of abuse (Gelles & Cavanaugh (2005). Even today, abuse
may go unreported by witnesses because they feel it is personal
matter and none of their business.

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This is a delicious no bake treat made with peanut butter, Rice
Krispies and flake coconut that takes less than an hour to make.

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The crusades were an attempt by the papacy to demonstrate their
influence over European society. It was a war between the godly
followers and the infidels. Due to developments in the Islamic and
Byzantine world, this gave rise to the new European civilization to
expand their borders. As a new dynasty emerged, the demand for
knights was answered leading to the first crusades which were
precipitated by various religious aspects and conflicts, and tempted
warriors to fight for their religion and engage in their favorite

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According to Weddell (2006), there are three different approaches tothe use of nature and wild organisms. The three approaches areutilitarian, preservationists and sustainable-ecosystem. Theutilitarian approach manipulates the environment to serve humanssuch as damming rivers for renewable "power and water" (4).Scientist routinely manipulates our environments by geneticallyaltering fruits and vegetables. The preservationist believes thatnature should be left and protected in its purist form. The currentban on drilling for new oil in Alaska's wilderness is a perfectexample of a preservationist's viewpoint.

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Everything Ariadne Artiles including an extensive photo gallery with
sexy model pics, wallpapers, magazine covers, and a Wikipedia bio.

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