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Are you dream to be next Lady Gaga? Here it is your voice trainer

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Posted by: raluca

Turn all your plastic bottles into unique lighting fixtures with
this Solar Bulb Lamp from designer gadgets maker MiniWiz. Just
attach it to any ordinary bottle and the 0.18W solar module cells
will give you up to 6 hours of night illumination.

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Posted by: raluca

check out this tables that comes complete with LED floodlights!

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Posted by: raluca

Be the next James Bond and use the best gadgets to spy

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Posted by: raluca

Article explains why arrogant men tend to make awful romantic partners.

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Planes and Weapons used during the Korean War

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Destroy as many lines of 2 or 3 electrical generators on the grid as
you can in one minute. Get 3 of the same colour in a row to score
the most and watch out for multiplier bonuses for big points.

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Posted by: motionmonkey

Take control of Scott Devlon in his return to Everest to recover the
body of Derek Sodoc, only son of the worlds richest and most
powerful man.

Move from camp to camp up the mountain until you find the body.
Negotiate your way around sheer rock faces and deep crevasses in
order to reach your goal. Watch out for avalanches and be sure to
keep moving to avoid the risk of frostbite and depleting your
dwindling oxygen supply.

Youll earn points for how far you manage to make it up Everest. Earn
bonuses for maintaining your body temperature and any oxgen you have
left in your tank by the time you reach the next camp. So always
look for the shortest route up the mountain to increase your score.


Use the mouse to point and click to guide Scott Devlon on his
treacherous climb.

P - Pause Game
Esc - Quit Game

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Posted by: motionmonkey

Test your skill on 3 retro style pinball tables. Featuring realistic
ball physics and 3 music tracks from the new album by Swiss pop/rock
band The Rambling Wheels.


Left Arrow/Z - Left Flipper
Right Arrow/M - Right Flipper
Down Arrow/Space Bar - Launch Ball
A - Nudge Table
P - Pause Game
Esc - Quit Game

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Posted by: motionmonkey

Race your supercar around 12 road tracks in this retro top view
arcade racing game. Collect cash along the way. Get a cash prize and
qualify for the next race if you finish in the top 3. After each
race, spend your cash on upgrades to increase handling and
performance of your car.


A/Up Arrow - Accelerate
Left & Right Arrows - Steer
S/Down Arrow - Brake

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Posted by: motionmonkey

Katie and Peter's Amazing Album - Amazon's reviewers turn this album into the saviour of the universe. "I can honestly say that this is the best album I've ever heard and I've heard Menswear and four others". Genius

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This is one of the best dances I have ever seen. Sleek and smooth,
never seen anything like it before.

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Posted by: PaulRyan

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU

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Posted by: JaSoN

Here are three of my favorite heavy metal rock bands and some great
music! YouTube music and lyrics for Metallica's One, Kiss' Lick It
Up and Guns N' Roses Paradise City are included in this article.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

Sour Cream Coffee Cake has been in the family for many years.
Whether serving Sour Cream Coffee Cake with coffee or hot tea, this
coffee cake is sure to be a winner with family and friends.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

Need a casserole for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Try Potato
Casserole. Potato Casserole has cornflakes, hash browns, sour cream,
cheddar cheese and onions. Potato Casserole is a perfect holiday
side dish.

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Posted by: cstonecipher

Is your bathroom Xmas ready?

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Posted by: raluca
Source: 7 gadgets

Unevolved Brands - Clever design of how logos could have started their life

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Something to get you all started for Halloween.

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Posted by: JaSoN

The Hutterites have established a strict colonized community where, if given the chance and opportunity, larger cultures would fail at infiltrating the communal surroundings. Why you ask? The main reason is because of isolation. The Hutterites have gone to great lengths to section themselves off and give outsiders no reason to interfere.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Big Heads and Bipedalism

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Discussion on how the Canadian Government should fund health care.

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Choose one of three Pro-Mod drag racing cars to race down the drag
strip and see if you can get the fastest time.

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Posted by: motionmonkey

Fall In Love In Slow Motion. Super Savvy stop motion video.

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Posted by: lannaxe96
Source: Webphemera

Prehistoric Cave Paintings: What They Mean and Why They Have Survived

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Posted by: lannaxe96

How desperate do you have to be for a hot dog to go out in weather
like this. Just take a look at what the weather was like the day we
went out.

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Is there someone we have met in another life who holds a strong bond
with us.

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Uses Google to translate any phrase from English to 56 other
languages and back again, with bizarre results. Best example yet is
someone complaining about the site: "Ok, I'm sorry to be the
curmudgeon but I get the translator part, I'm just not seeing the
funny part."

...56 translations later we get:

"Oh, Sorry, I know, I think it sounds great."

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At first glance, Carcassonne ignites visions of Camelot with conical roofs and medieval soldiers returning from battle. If only the legend matched the history.

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Posted by: lannaxe96

Fake Swimming Pool by Leandro Erlich

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Posted by: Emi

Ultimate Street Car RacerChoose one of three modified road cars to race down the drag stripand see if you have got what it takes in the Ultimate Street Carchallenge.ControlsWait for the green light, then use SPACE to accelerate and UP andDOWN arrows to shift through the gears. You'll need to get your timing right to run the 1/4 mile Santa Poddrag strip in the shortest time possible. Total time is made up of Reaction Time to the lights and ElapsedTime of the run.

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Posted by: motionmonkey

History of rickrolling !!

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Posted by: JaSoN

16 Things You Didn't Know about Hugh Hefner

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Posted by: JaSoN

Oscar the bionic cat: Pioneering surgery gives poor moggie TWO false back legs

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Posted by: JaSoN

If you want goal-line technology for football games, join this Facebook group and help support us. If enough people join then we shall consider approaching the people in the know on how to get this implemented.

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Posted by: JaSoN

The punishment for crime under the Hammurabi Law Code was severe,
yet varied according to the social standing of the individual.

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Posted by: lannaxe96


Ben Hur :)
Epic, manly slave-turned-gladiator with a feminine sounding surname.

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What to do if you get tired of television reruns.

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got a slight shock when I searched for '.......' into google :|
click to find out !

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Posted by: JaSoN

Gargamel's Revenge on the Smurfs!

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Posted by: katie1011
Source: YouTube

The recent recognition bestowed on Honorable Manny Pacquiao as the
Fighter of the Decade and the Fighter of the Year from Boxing
Writers Association of America (BWAA) makes Mayweather Sr. to
babbling why the 40-0 records of his son Jr. is not enough to
receive just accolade.

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Posted by: dcart
Source: http://dcart-pacquiao.blogspot.com/

Working abroad is a fad for an ordinary Pinoy, not because of the
comfort living the host country can offer especially in the western
continent, but for the comfort of living if not sustainability of
the family that have left behind

Read more: http://socyberty.com/society/filipino-overseas-workers-

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Posted by: dcart
Source: http://dcart72.blogspot.com/

In today's frantic world, silence is not often perceived as a communication of business tool. Yet, the strategic use of silence ranging from five-second pauses in a conversation to extended periods of quiet can result in tremendous benefits to those who practice it.

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Source: bizcovering.com


Name a celebrity, TV personality or other famous figure that has a name that seems to contradict the sex of the person.

Post your findings with a link to a site of the person.


Description: COMPETITION: Stephen Ladyman

Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1554584/Drink-drive-limit-to-be-reduced.html

from our example you will see that this is a mans name with 'Lady' in the surname.

The one that we think is the best will win a Memory Drive.
note: please add 'competition' to your description so your suggestion flags up on our system as an entry.

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Posted by: JaSoN

Top 20 Reasons Why Sharks are Better than Cats!

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Source: Shark Guys: Biting Comedy

The Ancient Atapuerca Caves in Spain

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Posted by: lannaxe96

The Coke Man Made From Coca Cola Crates

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Posted by: lannaxe96

poem about what happens when one refuses to let go of the past.

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A short conversation with the four year old in all of us.

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Posted by: unavanora

How many times can you submit or promote article to Social Media
before you are considered spamming?

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Posted by: dragonblogger

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