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Awesome Miniatures

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Posted by: Hot News
Source: http://www.mentalfloss.com/blogs/archives/112659

Sister Beats Baby

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Source: youtube

Bubble Gum Burst in Slow Motion

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Source: attuworld

Blonde Genius!

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Source: videobash.com

The Do's And Don'ts Of Parenting

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Source: videobash

Creativity Still Exists!

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Source: omg-pictures

Girlfriend Scared By Fake Head In Bed

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Posted by: admin
Source: videobash

Javatar, Javatar, Javatar, Javatar, Javatar, Javatar, Javatar !!

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Posted by: admin
Source: videobash

Stop-motion finger shaving !

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Posted by: admin
Source: gifbin

Amazing Frisbee catch!

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Posted by: Ben Ben
Source: Drollthings

Keep this in mind the next time you are ordering at McDonalds!!

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Posted by: Ben Ben
Source: Attuworld

Two tiles, seemingly different colors from one angle are actually the same
color in different lighting. I don't get it at all. What's the trickery here?
Is it the shadowplay? The lights? The tiles? I don't know.

Views: 1,318
Posted by: Ben Ben
Source: Amazing-Illusion

Great achievements in lipstick

Views: 959
Posted by: Ben Ben
Source: Afrojacks

Gratuitous Pole Dancing Video

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Posted by: Ben Ben
Source: Afrojacks

Marketing predictions for 2012.

Views: 1,471
Posted by: meandu
Source: Triond

The top eight of everything 2011.

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Posted by: meandu
Source: virurl

Tell us what your 2012 travel resolutions are.

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Posted by: meandu
Source: virurl

Police are sent to collect overdue books from 5 year old

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Posted by: meandu
Source: virurl

Find out where the richest 1% of people of the world live.

Views: 965
Posted by: meandu
Source: https://spn.sr/UR0

Could this driver be the luckiest in the world!!!

Views: 1,274
Posted by: Tyler
Source: Autoblog

Bad Translator

Views: 1,048
Posted by: JaSoN
Source: Ackuna

6 Teenage Inventors That Changed The World

Views: 1,015
Posted by: meandu
Source: virurl

We are pleased to announce our newest Admin member raluca.

If you would like to be considered for Admin please let us know via our contact us page telling us why you think you will be suitable for the job.

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Posted by: admin

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE. Things are looking up for DT in 2012, our site has had a complete recode and is now live. New features will be added over the coming weeks.

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Posted by: admin

Traffic Fines and Driving Licenses suspended at Rally!

Views: 1,004
Posted by: raluca

This year you should choose a wireless Christmas lights set. Its easy to install, change any candles placement without destroy the Christmas tree arrangement and more important: no wires in the tree

Views: 1,172
Posted by: raluca

Those light up ornament boxes are the all you need to put under you
Christmas tree and make a great impression.

Views: 1,102
Posted by: raluca

fail parenting

Views: 1,279
Posted by: raluca

training and tightening your cheek and jaw muscles in a weird way!

Views: 1,071
Posted by: raluca

Use those crazy lights sets and your family will be shocked

Views: 1,055
Posted by: raluca

a woman from Russia claim that she stored an alien corpse in her
fridge since 2 years ago.

Views: 1,126
Posted by: raluca

for desert I recommend you this delicious Human Brain Jam.

Views: 963
Posted by: raluca

Bellive it or not!

Views: 1,000
Posted by: raluca

This is too much, even for me
Why someone need this in the bathroom? Maybe in a Church bathroom? No, I don't think so

Views: 964
Posted by: raluca

Music video 3D

Views: 1,153
Posted by: DonGeeVideos

I find something nice at Emitations that looks like a real Kim
Kardashian jewelry

Views: 1,148
Posted by: raluca

The Silver Scorpion is an Arab teenager who loses his legs in a
tragic accident, but whose powers- his creators hope- include the
ability to help build bridges between the youth of America and the
Arab world, starting with Syria.

Views: 1,149
Posted by: raluca

A personal blog about healthy living.

Views: 964

What is your first reaction after watch this TV commercial?

Views: 1,016
Posted by: raluca

The Chevillotte (Very) Table utilises a spectacular, new and unique
mechanical system which enables it to transform into a contemporary
table or desk.

Views: 1,072
Posted by: raluca

Even though the JetLev can generate upwards of 500 lb of thrust,
its intuitive fly-by-wire digital controls are ludicrously simple
to adjust. You'll be pulling off Iron Man-style manoeuvres in no

Views: 1,095
Posted by: raluca

Gear lever vs OS comparison

Views: 1,062
Posted by: raluca

it is a video I made of people playing in a human hamster ball and
with a parachute

Views: 1,180
Posted by: thehumanstheband

Bang & Olufsen's first 3D TV will be launch this summer, BeoVision
4- 85 inch HD plasma screen. It retails at $85,000.00!

Views: 1,080
Posted by: raluca

$1,484,423.95 for this elephant camouflage kit (on amazon) but this
kit works great and has hidden my pet elephant from the police in
my neighborhood.

Views: 1,049
Posted by: raluca

Are you dream to be next Lady Gaga? Here it is your voice trainer

Views: 1,043
Posted by: raluca

Turn all your plastic bottles into unique lighting fixtures with
this Solar Bulb Lamp from designer gadgets maker MiniWiz. Just
attach it to any ordinary bottle and the 0.18W solar module cells
will give you up to 6 hours of night illumination.

Views: 974
Posted by: raluca

check out this tables that comes complete with LED floodlights!

Views: 1,051
Posted by: raluca

Be the next James Bond and use the best gadgets to spy

Views: 2,837
Posted by: raluca

Article explains why arrogant men tend to make awful romantic partners.

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